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Paint Your Pizza Lets You Design Deliciously Ugly Made-To-Order Pizzas On the Web

Illustration for article titled Paint Your Pizza Lets You Design Deliciously Ugly Made-To-Order Pizzas On the Web

Fancy yourself an artist? Well if you're in need of a medium, you could always opt for "pizza." A new website called "Paint Your Pizza" lets you turn horrendously impressionist MSPaint-inspired masterworks into theoretically delicious pizzas for the sophisticated stomach.


This pizza-painting project, developed by artist Jonas Lund, originally existed in a significantly less edible form. Initially, the idea had been to develop a website where random Internet-goers could collaborate on simple, rudimentary works of art that would then be sold for an algorithmically determined price. But the buyers weren't biting and only three of 3,500 paintings were sold.

Lund didn't abandon his idea however, and instead just ported it to pizza for last month's Eyebeam Annual Showcase. Now anyone can visit the Paint Your Pizza website and design take-out monstrosities with just a few moves of a mouse. At the moment, you can't actually order the pizzas, but there's a partnership with New York City's Ray's Pizza in the works, which should eventually bring the edible works of art to city dwellers at costs of around $36 a pie. A little expensive, but hey, it's "art." And there are a lot of toppings.


Ideally, the project will move beyond New York with other partnerships in other parts of the country, but there's no telling how successful that roll out will be; putting these together must be a serious pain. Still, it's probably the best thing to ever come out of haphazard online doodling. And definitely the tastiest.

[The Creator Project]

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THAT is not a work of art. THIS is a work of art.

This idea is going to fail miserably.