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Those running Intel Macs are probably at least familiar with Parallels, the famed virtualization software allowing you to run Windows alongside OSX. Well now the company has just announced their fourth revision of the software, Parallels 4, that promises to run 50% faster than the previous version.The virtualization engine itself promises to use 15-30% fewer resources as well, while adding the option to run a Leopard Server in a virtual machine and including support for DirectX 9, DirectX Pixel Shader 2.0 and OpenGL 2.0. There are 50 new features and enhancements in all. Parallels 4 is available now for $80, existing Parallels customers can pick it up for $40 and if you bought Paralells 3 on or after September 1st, you actually qualify for a free upgrade. Two months of lead time on free software upgrades? Not bad! [Parallels via MacWorld]


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