Parent Of The Year Arrested After Dragging Kid Through Verizon Store On a Leash

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Not surprisingly Melissa Catherine Smith-Means of Alabama (oh...Alabama) was arrested a few months ago for this incident in a Verizon store. Who knew someone would have a camera in a cellphone store?


Click to viewAfter being arrested she told the police "My young 'un loves being dragged around on a leash. It's how I was brought up." She was also wearing this shirt. Ok, maybe this last part didn't happen—but you can picture it can't you? [LiveLeak via TechEBlog via Gadget Review]

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I do not fault this woman too much, if at all. In fact I feel bad for her. Before you say she's a horrible parent, look at it from her POV.

She's running errands, shopping, trying to get shit done. Her kid, who obviously needs to be restrained in the first place, won't shut the hell up & behave. He's been acting up all day long, and mom is about to tear her hair out. She gets done at the store, and the kid won't stand up & walk out on his own. Mom is so fed up she just drags him out.

As a parent, I will say that while her behavior is a little over the top, I would not consider this an arrest-worthy offense. I have never had to drag my 5 year old out of a store, she's very well behaved 99.9% of the time, but I can definitely understand parents that are driven to that point. The mom looks exhausted & frustrated, and is probably just having a bad day. I would be more concerned if the child didn't look well-cared for, or if he acted scared of her. Most kids who are abused don't act up in public, because they know what will happen if they do.

If my mom got arrested everytime she dragged me out of a store when I was being a little shit- well I can't even count that high. My poor mom had to drag me out of store by my arm, kicking & screaming, nearly every other shopping trip. It royally pisses me off the stupid shit that parents can be arrested for nowadays. You can't even discipline your kids anymore. I'm only 28 & I remember getting the living shit spanked out of me in public when I acted up, with other parents simply nodding approvingly at my mother. Now, if you so much as deny your kid the toy they're screaming over, you get investigated by DHS.

Parenthood just sucks sometimes.