Imagine a world without bikes. No really, imagine it. It’s pretty funny.

Yes, there is a Subreddit devoted to the art of Photoshopping away the Schwinns from under would-be riders. Some people just look like they’re leaping awkwardly into the air, others look like they’re possessed by demons. Recumbent bikes, not surprisingly, yield the most ridiculous images (as they do in real life).

Check out a few of my favorites below to see what happens when bikes disappear, or head over to /r/InvisibleBicycles for more Friday fun.

This poor kid becomes a menacing levitating gremlin


Tandems never had so much sexual connotation

Sweaty Spandex people are surreal but not altogether unbelievable


But when you take out only one bike it gets really fun

There are the inevitable pop culture references


And even The Simpsons have a cameo

[/r/InvisibleBicycles via SBNation]