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Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza Lightning Review

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We aren't getting an official stateside release of the obviously-inspired-by-America hot dog crust pizza from Pizza Hut. Sad. But Pizza Hut's trying to make it up to us with the return of Cheesy Bites pizza, which it horrifyingly refers to as the Pizza Hut version of the McRib. Hoo boy.


What Is It

A Pizza Hut pizza with a crust made of individual bread balls filled with cheese, which you can tear off and eat individually.


Using It

As you pick up your Cheesy Bites pizza, you'll notice that it's unbalanced, like a finely crafted katana sword with a hunk of bread and cheese taped to one end. There are a lot of options for proper eating procedure, but in our tests, the most used was the back-and-forth switch. Bite of pizza, bite of cheesy bite. You can also hold your slice in one hand and break off a single knot of cheesy with the other, but that leaves you with an extra piece of food to hold and this is all about consolidation.


The knots are not very ergonomic, and they feel bad in the hand. Luckily, you can eat the parts that do not feel good in the hand. In the hand.


The Best Part

Having bread balls full of cheese right on your pizza. It's two things, combined into one, but in a good way not a froaster way. It's like if you could hold a beer and a buffalo wing in one hand at once.


Tragic Flaw

There is too much bread. There's more bread than cheese, and once the cheese gets cold and congealed, it's hard to taste much of a difference at all. Much more cheese in a regular stuffed crust pizza.


This Is Weird

The garlic powder used on the crust tasted pretty sweet.

Test Notes

  • The garlic powder was really unevenly distributed on our review units.
  • The device also sort of tore down the middle a few times when we tried to remove a knot for consumption. So you'd pull off a knot, and end up with a piece of pepperoni, some cheese and sauce, and a knot. NOT BAD, ACTUALLY. But not deliberate.
  • Our units did not come equipped with the standard marinara sauce add-on, so the experience was somewhat incomplete.

Should You Buy This

Maybe! If you find yourself in a Pizza Hut, on purpose, and you want to spend money on food from Pizza Hut, then sure. It's fun!