Power Rangers is Going Cosmic Again, and It's Bringing Back the Dino Fury Team

Getting shades of Mighty Morphin from this announcement...

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The Dino Fury team of Power Rangers: Dino Fury.
Image: Hasbro/Netflix

Throughout Power Rangerslong, storied history, every new show offers a brand new set of Rangers to save the world. But, there have been cases of repeats: several of the Nickelodeon seasons such as Samurai and Ninja Steel had their teams stick around for an additional season, with that second string of episodes adding “Super” to the title. And the original Mighty Morphin season kept its Rangers around for three seasons, a move that hasn’t been repeated before until now.

During this weekend’s Power Morphicon convention for all things Power Rangers, news broke that the upcoming season, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, will see the return of the Dino Fury Rangers that starred in the previous two seasons. Also returning will be Dino Fury showrunner and EP Simon Bennett, who teased that the show would take the team “into space and across the galaxy.” Even though aliens are often an enemy of the Power Rangers, and the recent comics have heavily featured Rangers in space and as cosmic beings, it’s been a good long while since a Rangers show took its team off Earth: 1999's Lost Galaxy, in fact, was the last time.


In case it’s been some time since you’ve seen Power Rangers, the Dino Fury team consists of alien knights Zayto (Russell Curry) and Aiyon (Jordan Fite), plus humans Amelia (Hunter Deno), Ollie (Kai Moya), Izzy (Tessa Rao) and Javi (Chance Perez). Exactly how this team winds up taking their new interstellar roles isn’t clear yet, as the final run of Dino Fury’s second season won’t hit Netflix until late September. Bennett said that answers would come “very soon,” as the show’s about to begin filming its first season later in the fall.

When it airs in 2023, Cosmic Fury will mark the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers. Past milestone seasons have celebrated the franchise in big, bombastic fashion, or at least tried to. That’s surely in the case for the big 3-0, and it’ll be exciting to see what that entails.


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