Pressure Sensitive Stylus Coming for iPad

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There are many iPad styli out there, but most of them suck. And the ones that are good lack something extremely important for amateur and professional artists alike: pressure sensitiveness. Fortunately, the Jot Touch will be here soon to fix this.

The Jot touch is made by Adonit, a company that already makes a lot of stylus using a transparent ball-point disc that acts as the tip of your finger. The Jot Touch is similar to those except this one is capable of sending pressure information to the iPad using a Bluetooth connection. It also has two buttons that, according to the company, would allow you to quickly switch between any tools you choose.


Since it needs to talk to the app itself, the developers need to enable support for this stylus. As a result, there aren't many Jot Touch-ready apps. In fact, there are only three. They are nice ones, like Procreate for artists or Clibe for those who like to keep free form journals, but I'm missing Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro. Hopefully, more will come out soon.

I still don't know how good this performs. It looks like it lags a bit in this video demonstration, but that may be an effect of the glass (I've seen this in videos I've made on the Wacom Cintiqs and there's no real lag in real life). I will be testing one soon and I will tell you all about how it really feels. [Jot Touch]