Like the Chumby, I'm not totally sure that the Pure Sensia is meant as a clock radio. But I don't know what the hell else you'd use it for, and it'd be pretty sweet to wake up to.


Pure mainly focuses on internet radio, releasing little docks and speaker sets and that kind of thing, but this is their first effort with a touchscreen and it definitely looks to best the Chumby One (though not the sorta similar iLuv App Station) in the specs department. It's got a 5.7-inch capacitive glass touchscreen (the Chumby's got a 3.5-inch resistive), a 30W sound system (Chumby's only packing a paltry 2W) and offers weather, Facebook and Twitter apps, with "more to come."

Now here's the part where Chumby kicks the Sensia's ass: The Sensia is far bigger, like dominate-your-bedside-table big; its design is, at best, inoffensive, while the Chumby is damned adorable; it's got no homebrew community to hack away and make it a great gadget, let alone a huge repository of fun approved apps; and most importantly, it's $350 to the Chumby's $100. $350 is super expensive for a clock radio, or a bedside boombox or whatever you'd call this thing. Availability has yet to be announced. [Pure]

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