R.L. Stine Is Tackling Man-Thing for Marvel Comics

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If you’ve been waiting since childhood for the author of Goosebumps to team up with Marvel, then today is a treat for you.


Yesterday, R.L. Stine teased us a little with big news on Twitter:

“A few days” turned out to be just one, as the announcement came this morning that the series Stine will write will be a take on the Man-Thing for Marvel. A talking, sarcastic, Man-Thing.

Stine told the New York Times that “My first ambition was to be a comic book artist. I started doing these little comic books in the fourth grade: ‘Super Stooge,’ the dumbest hero on earth.” Why did he write a series of books that have sold over 350 million copies worldwide? “I was terrible,” he said. “I had no choice but to be a writer.”

Stine will work with cover artist by Tyler Crook and artists German Peralta and Daniel Johnson to create a Man-Thing comic inspired by the same comics that inspired Goosebumps: horror comics of the ‘50s.

The first issue, set to come out in March, will follow Man-Thing’s visit to Burbank, California to find out why he isn’t in a big budget blockbuster. By the way, take it from someone who grew up right next to Burbank, there are a lot more studios there than the more famous, and more fun to visit, Hollywood.


Apparently, Stine picked Man-Thing from a selection of offers because he just can’t get over his love of swamp monsters. And in that way, aren’t we all R.L. Stine?

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Oh no. It’s happening again. The entendres are doubling at an alarming rate!

Damn you, Giant-Sized Man-Thing!