Reel In the Perfect Toasted Marshmallow Without Burning Your Limbs

Getting that perfect golden brown outer layer on a marshmallow is a fine art that occasionally comes at the expense of singed fingers or scalded limbs. And among the countless gadgets that promise to make it easier to access a campfire's hot coals, this clever fishing rod appears to be particularly effective at keeping you a safe distance from the heat.

All the bits that end up exposed to the fire are of course made from steel. After all, even the strongest of fishing lines would melt when exposed to such heat. And the handle is made from wood to minimize the heat transferred to your hands. A simple jigging motion is all that's needed to cook a hot dog, or toast a marshmallow, and the length of the rod ensures that everyone's not crowded around the campfire trying to warm their treats. Besides many cans of bug spray, it's the best $30 you'll spend on a camping accessory. [HomeWetBar via 7Gadgets]


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