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Everyone wants cool stuff in their place, but when you're faced with redecorating it's easy to just get a bunch of decent stuff from Ikea, make a quick stop at Crate and Barrell and call it a day.


Remodelista looks to at least inspire you to aim a little higher, showcasing everything from sofas that are too expensive for you to ever even consider owning to DIY projects that are actually decidedly doable. The interface still has some kinks to be worked out, but it's updated daily with new content and it's free, so it's at least worth checking out so you can feel less guilty when you do end up at Ikea.



From the app developers: Looking for the perfect couch, stylish DIYs, or inspiration to refresh your space? Get your daily deco fix with the new Home Design App from Remodelista, the online sourcebook followed by design devotees like Gwyneth Paltrow (she calls it her "obsession") and stylists and architects worldwide, who consider it a must-read. The Remodelista App makes it easy to browse Remodelista's daily content, including inspiring architecture, stylish DIY projects, 10 Easy Pieces product roundups, and Steal This Look. Take control of your next remodeling or design project with the Remodelista App for the iPad and iPhone.


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