Roar: T-Rex's Tooth Used As Glossy Finish For Luxury iPhone 4

Illustration for article titled Roar: T-Rexs Tooth Used As Glossy Finish For Luxury iPhone 4

Oh, my quivering kneecaps. Do you remember digging for dinosaur fossils in your backyard as a young lad/lass, vowing that one day you'll own a genuine dino souvenir? Now's your chance—for $62,700, thanks to Stuart Hughes.

That's the same Stuart Hughes who's painted every imaginable Apple product gold, or garnished them with diamonds. Now, it appears he's moved onto using valuable T-Rex teeth for these 10 iPhone 4s...along with dust from a meteor. Yes, really. It's like one of those bad three wolves t-shirts, condensed into an overpriced iPhone 4 case. [Stuart Hughes via LuxuryLaunches via OhGizmo via SlashGear via DVICE]

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Wait... So someone... Destroyed an invaluable fossil... That took millions of years to make...

For a phone... That will be outdated in 6 months?

Fuck this guy in the fucking ass. He doesn't deserve life. He should be put to death for this and anyone who bought the case should get life in prison. Fuck. Him.