are few things more patriotic than a legendary American action hero taking on an evil Soviet boxer in an epic Cold War-era battle. Rocky IV is just that.

In the 1985 film, Rocky Balboa must come out of retirement to duke it out with Ivan Drago, a steroid-addled USSR pugilist who killed Rocky's friend and former foe, Apollo Creed. In order to defend Creed's honor, Rocky agrees to tussle with his brutal Russian enemy in a 15-round, Christmas Day throw down in Moscow. Against all odds, Rocky comes out on top, thus changing the state of relations between America and the Soviet Union forever. And as we all know, that's exactly the way it did not happen in history. But it's so perfectly cheesy and over-the-top—especially with a soundtrack that includes James Brown's "Living in America"—it'll get you in the mood for the Fourth and is the kind of flick that makes you want to chant "USA! USA! USA!" [Netflix]