Samsung's New Superfast Chips Could Fuel Your Future iPhone

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Samsung has just announced some superfast new chips and they might one day power an iPhone.

The company claims the Pro Class 1500 line is the Usain Bolt of flash memory cards—four times speedier than predecessors, and possibly the fastest chips around. They can read data at 140 MB per second and write it at 50 MB per second and process at 1,500 IOPS (inputs/outputs per second) for writing and 3,500 for reading. They come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations. Despite their very public squabbling, Samsung still provides Apple with some very important components, including flash memory.

And the latest chips could be the innards that supercharge not your next iPhone, but your next next iPhone. [Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget]


Image credit: Samsung Tomorrow

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Bill Surowiecki

Is it just me or should this post's headline read "Samsung’s New Superfast Chips Could Fuel Your Future Phone"?

How or why you would need to make a jump to this being all about the iPhone is beyond me.