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SanDisk rolled out a 4GB miniSD high-capacity flash (SDHC) memory card, giving you the ability to cram a whole lot of stuff onto a little flash card that's about the size of a fingernail. But don't try to slide this baby into that cellphone that uses regular garden-variety miniSD cards, because that's not going to work. It'll fit perfectly but then nothing will happen.

These SDHC cards are based on the SDA 2.0 spec, put together by the SD Card Association (yes, there is an association just for SD cards) that will enable SD cards to shoehorn up to 32GB of data into their miniscule form factors. Because the cards are exactly the same size and shape as their predecessors, all it will take is a firmware update to accommodate them. But will we be able to use them if we flash the firmware in our existing cellphones and devices?


Expect these higher-capacity cards to become ubiquitous in 2007 as cellphone manufacturers embrace the new standard. SanDisk didn't announce prices yet.

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