See Robots, Megan Fox at Play in New "Transformers 2" Clips

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Wheelie gets into a sticky situation with Megan Fox, and humans and robots battle, in new clips from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It's our first look at how those crazy-cakes robo-action scenes from the trailer will look in context.

Both clips run just over a minute and are dubbed in German, but then, who watches Michael Bay films to grok the dialogue? Not us. We merely demand things to be AWESOME!

The first clip is a too-cute, Gremlins-y scene with Wheelie that illustrates the build-a-better-moustrap adage and is redeemed by a few moments with Megan Fox. (Turns out she's just as hotttt in German; maybe more so, if you pick up a little dominatrix vibe amid her stern Teutonic consonants... Wait, where were we?)

The second is a conventional battle scene involving humans and robots, with Josh Duhamel leading what appears to be an international squadron in combat at a construction site in Asia:

So, having seen the clips, who's inspired to get in line now for Transformers 2? And who thinks that a typically incoherent Michael Bay narrative would be much more fun to watch in German? [via Superhero Hype]