America has a new predator, and it’s thriving in the northeast. Meanwhile, the outdoor economy is starting to throw its weight around in Washington DC (also home to coywolves) and an engineer has busted a popular survival myth with math. This is What’s New Outside.

New FOURSEVENS Lights: Our favorite flashlight brand just released a new series of 1xCR123 EDC lights. That strike bezel is functional and can mount out of the way on the light’s body or up top. You know, for hittin’ stuff. They also feature a two-direction pocket clip (handy!) and a 400 Lumen max output (bright!). [FOURSEVENS]


Campfire Reflectors Don’t Work: Fans of “survival” entertainment media will no doubt be familiar with the fire reflector. Cold? The idea is to build a wall on the other side of the fire to bounce heat back to you. According the the inverse square law and practical experience, that doesn’t work. And that’s made for a fun little controversy that’s been bouncing around outdoor forums for the last week. Use a log wall as a windbreak, if you need one, but don’t count on thermal reflectivity if your life really is in jeopardy. [Outdoor Self-Reliance]

55-Year Old Man Plans To Walk Across Antarctica, Solo: It’s been done before, but Henry Worsley is going for it anyways. No dogs. No kites. Just one man towing a sled, all on his lonesome. Why? [NationalGeographic]

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1,600-Foot Fall: Here, pro-skier Ian McIntosh catches a trench at the very beginning of his descent, sending him tumbling for nearly a minute. Believe it or not, but he walked away. [Teton Gravity Research]


Time To Take The Outdoor Industry Seriously: Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf makes the case for government tracking of the $646 billion outdoor recreation industry in an attempt to give it more political weight in DC. That revenue and the 6 million jobs it supports is a powerful counter to the interests of environment-ruining segments like energy and mineral exploitation. [Outside]

One Million Coywolves: 65 percent coyote, 25 percent wolf and 10 percent dog, coywolves could have been purpose-built to thrive on the fringes of human society. They’re big enough to take down deer on their own, but hunt in packs. We first told you about them last year, but now there’s an estimation of their numbers. [Field&Stream]

Longest Wingsuit Flight: Former SEAL Andy Stumpf just set a new record for the longest unpowered wingsuit flight: over 18 miles.

Coleman Hits Reset: Longtime purveyor of barely adequate camping gear, Coleman is pivoting towards more function and technical innovation, while keeping prices low. New lanterns, new stoves, new flashlights, new tents, the works. [GearJunkie]

What We’re Up To: I’m enjoying some time “off” between trips, while planning a bunch of future ones. That includes our big Thanksgiving dinner in Big Sur, an off-road trip through Baja in the Subaru and maybe even some more time exploring Hawaii; all before year’s end. Going to try and squeeze ducks, turkeys and another deer in there too.

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