Sleep Partner Acupuncture Bracelet Is Heavy On Snake Oil, Lacks Needles

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As far as we can tell, this watch doesn't actually stab your wrist at all, which is a shame, because anything that advertises itself as an acupuncture bracelet had better be breaking some skin. Which it doesn't, but there's a healthy amount of BS being tossed your way should you put it on and try to use it to get better sleep.Touted as a "drug free" way to get some Z's, the Sleep Partner supposedly uses varying degrees of pressure to stimulate acupuncture points on the wrist. Other magical properties include the ability to make $40 disappear from your wallet; as well as the ability to break soon after purchase and never work again. The marketing materials suggest you don this bracelet 30 minutes before bed so it can normalize your body clock, eliminate insomnia, and knock you out just long enough so the Sleep Partner folks can clean out your place of residence. OK, you caught me. I made up the part about insomnia. [Expert Verdict]



Technically, there are two points (Pericardium 6 and Heart 7) on the wrist that treat insomnia, but the points are fairly weak if you're needling specifically for insomnia. There are MUCH better points and point combinations that can be used. Not to mention herbs and diet/lifestyle changes, etc..

So while not -technically- incorrect, paying $40 for something you can locate and press on yourself definitely isn't worth it.