Sonos Works With Apple Music At Long Last

As promised, Sonos has finally joined the list of apps that play nice with Apple Music—provided you’re willing to risk the beta version, that is.

Starting today, anyone enrolled in the public beta for Sonos can use their rather expensive sound system to play Tay-Tay. If you’re not already on the beta program, you can follow the steps below to get on board. For anyone not willing to make the jump, a fuller rollout is expected next year.


Since its inception earlier this year, Apple has attracted millions of subscribers (not to mention Queen of Teenage Pop Swift). Sonos compatibility is an important part of the streaming strategy, and not just because it’s a vital features for Sonos owners. Apple Music working with systems other than AirPlay is crucial to the streaming service being a success in its own right, rather than just an added extra for iPhone buyers. Working with Sonos is a step in the right direction.


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