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Spike Jonze's Next Film: Man Falls in Love with Siri

Illustration for article titled Spike Jonzes Next Film: Man Falls in Love with Siri

Spike "I'm Friends With Rappers, Too" Jonze has been behind some big name films: Where the Wild Things Are, Jackass: The Movie, uh, Björk: Volumen Plus (?), the music video for Otis was pretty great... Next subject? iPhones and romance.


Deadline claims Jonze's next two hour quirk GIF is pretty strange!

The film is about a guy who falls in love with the voice of a computer, similar to the Siri feature on the new iPhone.


That sounds depressing, given that Siri often falls short of communicating in a relatable fashion, and by now, most people don't even talk to her at all. This will be a tragedy! Amy Adams and Carey Mulligan are rumored to star (as the Siri clone? Personified?) along with Joaquin Phoenix, who scowls well enough to play a hurt Apple customer. [Deadline via Creators Project]

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Anyone who likes Spike Jonze (and/or Will Arnett and David Cross) should check out a TV show called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Hilarious combination of American and British Humor, and Spike's character is such an unbelievable pussy.