Stick These Stickers On Your iPhone To Get Some "Real" Control

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Gaming on the iPhone is great! That is, until you try to hadouken. Then you realize its limitations. So if you're sick of using those stupid touchscreen controls, here's a desperately bright idea: attach plastic stickers to moonlight as physical buttons.

The hilariously cheap looking "buttons" are called Tactile+Plus and they're actually more like plastic stickers that mark a specific spot on the iPhone's screen.

A plastic circle with nine dots is placed on top of a game's virtual D-pad and other plastic nubs are placed over the action buttons. The idea is to give your fingers a sense of touch to remember where on the screen is what. I think it spotlights the need for a gaming pad of sorts. It runs for about 8 bucks in Japan. [Tactile+plus via Wired]