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Stop Mangling Your Goggles and Behold the Power of Magnetic Lenses

After a few seasons on the slopes, you realize that having a set of goggles with interchangeable lenses is a must. Then you realize that changing the lenses on those goggles is a huge pain in the ass. Well magical magnets are once again the answer to all of our troubles.


Anon Optics realized something we already know. Switching lenses on goggles is nearly impossible and leads to fingerprints inside the lens of your goggles. Because the inner lens is treated with a special anti-fog coating, touching is bad. Anon's M1 Magnetic Ski Goggles let you quickly switch out your goggles' lenses without twisting them into a pretzel. The system provides up to 20lbs of retentive force. I wonder if that's enough to withstand my usual run ins with trees?

That's the good news. The bad news is that they won't be available until next fall. Until then, I'll be cursing in the parking lot while putting my bluebird lenses on. (Anon via Gear Patrol)

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While this is a good idea and I'm sure lots of people could use such a product, I'm disappointed. I was expecting something a little more high tech like goggles with electronics in them in some way.