Stop Soggy Bread With This Clever Roll-On Olive Oil Dispenser

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A measured approach is always best when you're seasoning food. And to prevent a fresh slice of bread from being soaked and overpowered by olive oil poured from a bottle, this brilliant dispenser works like an over-sized ballpoint pen to evenly spread a thin coating of oil—instead of blue ink.

Created by design group Oaza, the Oil-On dispenser is made from a simple glass vessel topped with a hollow cork stopper that's sealed with a rolling wooden ball that soaks up the oil and then dispenses it easily and evenly across breads, meats, and other foods. You sadly can't buy it—at least yet—but hopefully someone will makes it a reality soon. And then creates versions for melted butter, chocolate syrup, and even preserves. [Vizkultura via Notcot]