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Strophes: The Beautiful Lyrics Reader Is Finally Mobile

Illustration for article titled Strophes: The Beautiful Lyrics Reader Is Finally Mobile

While lyric reading app Strophes has already been in the Mac App Store for a while, more often than not, it's when you're on the go that you'll need to whip out lyrics at a moments notice. So whether want to sing along or end a friendly argument about the correct words (or lines... or paragraphs...), Strophes has finally arrived in pocket form, ready to offer sage lyric wisdom at your every whim.


What does it do?

Takes the song that's currently playing and brings up the its lyrics as well as a short artist bio. You can even search titles, artists, and phrases within the actual song to find what you're looking for. Strophes defaults to its own database, but if it doesn't have your song of choice (which is, unfortunately, somewhat often), it will pull up a Google search for you, which is at least somewhat more convenient than going hunting yourself. Somewhat.


Why do we like it?

While the app does still have some minor kinks to work out (namely the extent of its database), when it DOES have what you're looking for, it's a wonderful, highly convenient experience. There's a music controller directly within the app, so you can switch back and forth from your music player to your lyrics without missing a beat. Artist bios are a nice addition, and the fact that you can search for key words or phrases is great for finding relief when you're racking your brain to figure out where a specific lyric came from. And we even get a beautiful, clean, and customizable interface to hold it all together.

Illustration for article titled Strophes: The Beautiful Lyrics Reader Is Finally Mobile


Download this app for:

The Best:

Quick end to lyric debates

The Worst:

Database is lacking


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Why would you bother with this when Soundhound has the same functionality built in, plus it has the ability to identify external music as well?