Study: Average Mac Computer Price More That Twice That of Average PC

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Fanboys, get your commenting fingers warmed up. A new study shows that, on average, the cost of a Windows PC is half that of an Apple computer. According to data collected by the NPD group, the average Windows notebook goes for $700, while the average Apple laptop costs above $1,500, dropping a mere $59 in the last two years. And that's nothing compared to desktop computers.


The average Mac desktop sells for about $1,000 more than the average PC desktop, which sells for a mere $550.

"But wait," you say, "that's because people interested in higher-end machines buy Apple, while cheap idiots buy PCs." Eh, maybe. But that doesn't explain away the discrepancies.

Specifications often vary sharply for these systems, with Apple often focusing on faster processors than some rivals in notebooks but at the expense of memory and hard drive space. Its insistence on using mobile processors and custom designs for desktops, however, has created feature discrepancies where a Dell Inspiron 518 tower nearing the $700 mark features two more processor cores, three times as much memory, and twice the hard drive space of an $1,199 entry-level iMac despite both coming with near-equivalent LCDs.

While the average price for Windows-based systems is described in the NPD data as having largely flattened and unlikely to drop further in the near future, the disparity between these and Macs has only widened in the last few months, according to eWeek. Apple's general policy of refusing to alter prices until its next hardware revision has reduced the value of its systems relative to Windows competitors.

So while Apple's marketshare has gone up quite a bit in the last few years, analysts don't think they'll be able to keep up the growth with prices so much higher than their PC counterparts. There are only so many video editors, bloggers and rich fanboys in the world, after all. Sooner or later, they'll need to appeal to those cheap idiots as well. [Electronista]



Proved wrong? How?

I stand by my claim. The AVERAGE Mac is twice the computer than the AVERAGE PC is. When a company focuses on high-end computers while the rest of the industry focuses on low-end wallet-friendly machines, that's what happens. Apple's prices AND specs, on average, are higher, period. Their overall market share is fairly low, but if you look at the high-end market share, things change drastically.

I don't see how this story contradicts my claim. In fact, it reinforces it. Another factor this study failed to recognize was the fact that most major comp. manufacturers subsidize the cost of their computers by allowing 3rd parties to install crapware on their machines. I forget the study I read, but the average PC's cost is $50-200 cheaper on average so some company can install their software on your machine.

Also, if this same study were applied to Dell or HP, their average price would be higher as well (not higher than Apple's though) when compared to the rest of the industry. Their average price would be higher because they offer higher-end models in addition to the budget friendly models, while companies like compaq and Acer focus solely on low-end computers.

You get what you pay for. High-end PCs from a major computer manufacturer are going to price out about the same as an Apple computer.