Stupid Jug Texts You When Milk Spoils

Milkmaid is a new smart jug that tells lazy people when their milk has gone bad. And it actually won a contest from GE and Quirky, but not for being the most superfluous gadget ever.


Equipped with sensors, GSM radio, an antenna (is this a joke?), a SIM card, and rechargeable battery, Milkmaid will give you more milk stats than you ever need to know, you anal retentive dummy. An integrated iPhone app will tell you vital data like the temperature, expiration date, and how much is left. Because you can't just, you know, look at the bottle. And here's the kicker—it sends you a text when it's spoiled. The only reason you'd ever need this is if you were an idiot frat boy or if you were blind and had no sense of smell. Just because technology can do something doesn't mean it should. [Mashable]

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So - this thing = bad, but a toothbrush that squirts water is genius? Just trying to get a grip of the metrics here on the site :D