Reading is easy! But finding good stuff to read isn't, you have to cut through all the webby fat to get an interesting article. Summify combs your your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader habits (it peaks at data and analyzes your social networks) and sends an e-mail with 5 articles to read per day.


I just tried it today and you can set certain intervals if you want to read more (send articles every 6 hours) or read less (every week). But! For some reason Summify used 3 of the 5 articles on something I could care less about: the false rumor of iOS getting BBM. But that's probably because I literally have a gazillion RSS feeds to comb through (you can tweak it so it only looks at certain feeds in settings). But I'm going to keep giving it a try, the idea is super neat and I'll add the sites that I don't have the time to read regularly.

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One thing though: For Summify to get a good read of your reading habits, you probably have to be a voracious online reader already. Which means, there's probably a decent chance that you'll read everything Summify sends you. Hope they figure that out! [Summify via TechCrunch]

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