Superman Returns To Major Metropolitan Newspapers

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Superman's highest profile gig in a long time? Starting next month, the Man of Steel will take up residence at USA Today, appearing in a beautiful new weekly strip.

USA Today announced this morning that the Superman strip from the much-anticipated Wednesday Comics anthology will also be appearing on the newspaper's website, launching with a full-page installment in the print version on July 8th. The strip, written by The Mask creator (and Hellboy-spinoff, BPRD writer) John Arcudi and drawn by The Joker artist Lee Bermejo, takes full advantage of the increased size of Wednesday's format (Each of the 15 strips in the anthology runs one of the 14 inch by 20 inch pages each week), giving Bermejo's art a chance to shine:


Wednesday Comics - which also features strips by Paul Pope, Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook and many more - is also released on July 8th.

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