The big DC relaunch, summarized as a diagram

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Joe Stone previously created family trees for the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four. Now he's created a diagram depicting the DC relaunch books from most-to-least obscure. Sadly, some of those comics on the periphery may be the first to go.


[Joe Stone via iFanboy]



Apropos of nothing - or perhaps everything - this reminds me of the campus bike shop I used to work in at college:

We had a shelf of bicycle tools, every tool in the shop (except for the catapult and 'power wheel' but those are two other stories). There was a sign scrawled above the tool shelf proclaiming -

"Tools in this shop are organized by increasing magnitude of surrealism."

Anyone who knows what a crank extractor or a freewheel wrench is knows this is a logical think to do.

The shelves themselves were labeled as well. There were four Dante-esque levels of tool strata:

Normal, recognizable, usable

Abnormal, recognizable, usable

Abnormal, unrecognizable, usable

Abnormal, unrecognizable, unusable

We spend a full day categorizing the tools by shelf. Most of the serious tools lived on the second shelf down. On more than a few occasions, tools migrated from the third up to the second shelf. On but one occasion did a tool migrate from the Stygian depths of the fourth shelf up to the third.