The BP Effort Feels Way Too Much Like This

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Watching BP's continued, repeated failures would almost be funny if it weren't so gut-wrenching. If only there were a perfect analogy for how it felt watching the unraveling, in hilarious comic strip form. Oh, look, here's one! [Penny Arcade]



Are you kidding me government take overs of bp really? This is a leaking pipe 5000 feet below the ocean surface. With the pressure of 132 atmospheres to boot. What the hell could the government do that bp isn't already doing? While you're at name me one thing the government does well (besides spending money)

Honestly I'm troubled by the sheer amount of "stupid" when it comes to people knowing all the answers on how to fix it.

Do you honestly think you know more about marine drilling and containment. Then those engineers who have dedicated their life to this science?

Try this one on for size, If it weren't for the government this well would have never existed this deep, as all the "easy" oil is blocked by bureaucrats and tree hugging liberals.

Also riddle me this what is gizmodo doing to help the situation in the gulf besides jumping on the BP is evil campaign?

Truth be told we are all partially to blame for this happening in one way or another. Look around your office or desk and count everything plastic around you, then tell me where you would be without petroleum products.

Ps I'm not a bp supporter by any means I think its aweful what has happend, but people be real if you think you can live without these products think again.