The Crew Of The ISS Has A Message For Climate Conference Delegates

As delegates at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference deliberate the next steps for how to approach climate change, a group of astronauts have recorded a message for them to urge action.

Eighteen astronauts recounted how their vantage point above the Earth have given them a unique view of the planet: they can see just what industrialization has done to our atmosphere and environment, and have the unique privilege of being able to see the planet from above.


Astronauts have always been particularly able to see the Earth for what it is: our home. The picture of the planet snapped by the crew of Apollo 8 would become a powerful symbol of the environmental movement, and as climate change becomes more of a threat, the astronauts who look down on the Earth can see just how rising global temperatures are affecting the planet.

Image credit: NASA

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