Illustration for article titled The Demy: A Touchscreen Recipe Box that Withstands Spaghetti Sauce

I've been known to lug my laptop into the kitchen, risking the primary link to my job/friends/entertainment for the perfect Bolognese. The Demy looks like a solid alternative to this stupidity.

It's a touchscreen LCD the size of a 5x7 card, coated to be splashproof in your kitchen. Syncing via USB to your account at (the only supported service), the system stores up to 2500 recipes that you can access through what looks to be a pretty clean interface—though for some reason the platform eschews food porn photography.UPDATE: Apparently any recipe can include a photo of the dish, it's just that most of the press shots don't.


Available in May for $300, the Demy (in the works since 2007) is really just a touchscreen digital photo frame that's been retrofitted with a handy service. But who cares? It's also the most promising kitchen gadget I've seen in some time. [Demy and Amazon via popgadget]


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