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The Discontinued iPod Classic Is Currently The Most Expensive iPod

Illustration for article titled The Discontinued iPod Classic Is Currently The Most Expensive iPod

When Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic earlier this year, there was a small outcry from Apple loyalists with sizeable music collections. And if current prices are anything to go by, it looks like some people haven't given up on the dream of owning one.


The Guardian points out that in the UK, iPod Classics are selling for up to £670 ($1000). Prices haven't quite reached that level stateside, but a new, latest-generation classic will still run you $490 on Amazon. That's nearly double the $249 asking price that the Classic was commanding in September, before it was put on the chopping block.

Things aren't much better on eBay, where brand-new Classics are selling for $750, and even used models are getting $500. (Side note: someone also appears to have spent $90,000 on a U2 edition Classic, perhaps proving once and for all that people on eBay aren't completely sane.)


Presumably, the main attraction of the iPod Classic, beyond getting that retro clickwheel look in your life, is the storage space. The latest-model Classics packed 160GB hard-drives, which gives an impressive storage capacity for songs — the biggest iPod Touch only gets 64GB of flash storage. Sure, you could also get a 128GB iPhone for $850, but some people prefer having a dedicated music player, it seems. [The Guardian]

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Sly Jackal

Have these people heard of google drive ... one drive or icloud? There is no way one would need 160 gb worth of songs at once. Also the iphone comes with 128 gb so get that I guess.