The EPA Just Made NYC's Most Radioactive Place Into a Superfund Site

Illustration for article titled The EPA Just Made NYCs Most Radioactive Place Into a Superfund Site

Yesterday, we enjoyed The New Yorker's engrossing interactive look at the strange history of NYC's most radioactive place, an auto shop in Queens that occupies a former factory that produced radioactive thorium for the Atomic Energy Commission. Today, after months of study, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to declare the area a Superfund site.


Now that it's officially a Superfund site (New York City's third), the E.P.A. must decide whether to encase the radioactive soil, or dig it up and ship it to a treatment facility. Either solution would mean disruptions in the neighborhood. As Alberto Rodriguez, owner of Los Primos garage, told The New Yorker, "we might have to move our business. We're probably not going to be able to get much work done."

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