If you follow football, you'd know that #1 NFL draft pick Andrew Luck is supposed to be the best quarterback prospect since John Elway and the quarterback that'll replace Peyton Manning. Great! What's not great? Flip phones. And that's what Luck, the future multimillionaire, shockingly still uses as his phone.

During the NFL Draft, teams notify players they're going to get picked by calling them and saying something rah-rah like "Are you ready to be a COLT!?". When the Indianapolis Colts called Andrew Luck, who NFL analysts consider God's gift to pigskin throwing, he picked up the call with a flip phone. Not an iPhone. Not an Android phone. Not both. Not even a Blackberry. A flip phone! Here's what CAA, the agency who represents Andrew Luck, said about Luck still using the flip phone:


Andrew, before you buy anything with that fat check you'll soon be getting, go and grab yourself an iPhone. Or a Galaxy Nexus. Or a Lumia 900. Or just swing by Gizmodo and we'll hook you up. [SB Nation]