The first set footage from J.J. Abrams's mysterious Super 8. Plus we'll be getting two DC movies every year!

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Get your first glimpse of J.J. Abrams' Spielberg-influenced 1970s world. Geoff Johns reveals Warner Bros. will be ramping up the DC movies after Harry Potter. James Franco calls Rise of the Apes a Frankenstein story. Wake up with spoilers!

Super 8:

Here's a set video shot by a resident of Weirton, West Virginia. He reported seeing "military vehicles, soldiers, and 70's cars", and you can see them all here. [ShockTillYouDrop]

There's another short, explosive-looking video over here.

Superman Reboot:

Zack Snyder confirmed this really, definitely is a reboot, and not a sequel, prequel, or otherwise continuation of either the first four films or the weird hybrid continuity of Superman Returns. [ComicBookMovie]


DC Comics Movies:

On a more general DC movies, Geoff Johns mentioned at NYCC that he expects Warner Bros. to turn out two DC movies a year once their other massive franchise, Harry Potter, winds down next year. [CinemaBlend]


Also, an inside source says a new draft of the script for The Flash, written by Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green based on a story they crafted with Greg Berlanti, will be handed in by Thanksgiving. The three of them are also working on a treatment for the Green Lantern sequel. [Deadline]

Rise of the Apes:

James Franco confirmed his character isn't connected to anyone we've previously seen. He also said that the focus of this prequel is different from the previous movies:

There are a few connections [to the other movies]. But where the other films provide commentary about class relations, race relations, inter-species relations, different cultures clashing, this movie is more of a Frankenstein story. This is really about man messing with science and the results of that."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Transformers 3:

A couple new videos are out, detailing the filming at the Kennedy Space Center. [TFLAMB]

Predators 2:

Predators wasn't a massive success - it only made $52.9 million domestic and $125 million worldwide - but it was shot on a $45 million budget, so that's enough to earn a sequel. Now star Adrien Brody says he expects there to be another one, that the movie was always seen as a franchise-starter, and he's excited to make it. [MTV Movies Blog]



Here's a sneak peek at the over here episode 4, "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?": [FringeSpoilers]

And one more quick commercial: [Fringe Television]


Here's the first picture of Timothy Dalton on Chuck, which definitely shows what Josh Schwartz says about him:

"It's not the kind of character you'd [expect] him to play. There's nothing suave or debonair about him."


[The Ausiello Files]


Episode 10 will reportedly be called "Chuck vs. the Leftovers." [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who:

The commentaries for the fifth series DVD have produced a couple more nuggets of info from Steven Moffat. One suggests he's still suffering from fez withdrawal:

"I've just written into the Christmas special a speech where he [The Doctor] talks about the fact that he doesn't have a hat."

"You might think, for instance, that there are things that live inside clouds. I'm just saying that, kids, as a little nod to the future there."


He also puts to rest the idea that Amy and River are the same person, or that River is the Doctor's mother. [Blogtor Who]

The Event:

Laura Innes, who plays the enigmatic Sophia Maguire, says creator Nick Wauters mapped out the show's plan for the next five years when she was first approached to do the role, and so she promises the show knows where it's going. She still said she doesn't know everything, and that can make playing Sophia tricky:

"The role is different and challenging in its own way. I'm always saying these enigmatic things and I have to figure out how I'm connecting to the material. She is responsible for this group of people, and she has an enormous feeling of responsibility and deep connection and feeling of purpose in protecting them and achieving their goal, which I cannot divulge to you."


[Boston Herald]

One more sneak peek for "A Matter of Life and Death" is out: [SpoilerTV]


Here's a sneak peek at the fourth episode, Weekend at Bobby's: [SpoilerTV]


Sam Adama actor Sasha Roiz explains why it makes sense for his character, the uncle of William Adama, to be a brutal enforcer for the Tauron mafia in terms of the Admiral's lifelong journey:

I can't speak for the writers. I think, just based on my own intuition, it's probably lends itself really well to you have such a noble character like William Adama and then coming from such a background, I think it's a very interesting journey for that family and this particular character and his storyline.

How did he go from such a dark and criminal past to becoming who he did and who he became later. And so I think that's probably very interesting to watch, as opposed to somebody who was born into that.


And Roiz explains why Sam Adama is completely unequipped to deal with the rise of the Cylons:

But – so, I mean Sam specifically is completely old school. I mean you can see it in the car he drives and the way he lives, like he's very like technologically inept. So a Cylon to him is far more than he can understand. But he certainly can understand how to use these things to benefit him or benefit the things he believes in. And so that's the thing. That's where the tug of war [between the Ha'La'Tha and Daniel Graystone over the technology] comes in [and] is like how can I use this to benefit what I believe in and that's where his relationship to the Cylon begins and ends.


There's more at the link. [SciFiMafia]


Here's a sneak peek at the show's 200th episode, "Homecoming": [ComicBookMovie]

Wonder Woman:

An Entertainment Weekly piece have a few more details for the upcoming TV show. It says David E. Kelley is working on a "spec script", which suggests the show is still at a relatively tentative stage. And it sounds like Kelley will include some classic Wonder Woman iconography:

"[He is] expected to incorporate the superhero's signature lasso, cuffs, and airplane in a script that will be a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character."



The Munsters:

Bryan Fuller, who is overseeing the remake of the 60s TV show, says the show will be a mash-up of True Blood and Modern Family, and gives one example of a potential plotline:

"For example, the story begins when young Eddie unexpectedly manifests as a werewolf on a scout camping trip and inadvertently eats two of his fellow scouts."


He also says he's heard the clamoring for Kristen Bell to play Marilyn, and he says she'd be perfect for the role. [The Ausiello Files]

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto and Charlie Jane Anders.