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Ezra Miller's Actions Might Finally See Some Consequences For The Flash

While The Flash is still a year away from release, Warner Bros sees a way forward for the DC film in wake of its lead actors' repeated arrests.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Over the past year, Ezra Miller’s rap sheet has grown pretty long. There were multiple incidents in Hawaii that brought the DC actor under scrutiny, and now they have been charged with burglarizing a home for alcohol. Needless to say, this isn’t a great time to be Miller, and it’s not really much better for any of the DC execs who are being asked to respond.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros sees three ways forward. If Miller can get themself together, stay out of trouble, and perhaps give an interview to apologize and explain their behavior, Miller could participate in the marketing for the film in a limited capacity. The second option is a little more pessimistic. If Miller decides not to get help or reach out, the film could still be released as planned, but Miller would both not participate in promotion for the film, and also be recast in future projects.


The third decision is also the most drastic. Despite the fact that Warner Bros has already spent around $200 million on The Flash, the film could still be cancelled. It’s unprecedented, but right now, it’s not entirely off the table. And with the recent round of cancellations at Warner Bros, it’s clear that they’re willing to take a hit if it means they can gain something out of it in the short-term.

The Hollywood Reported additionally stated that Miller did participate in reshoots for the film over the summer, in between their arrests. “Work has kept up on The Flash, which has been testing well. Miller participated in regularly scheduled additional photography over the summer, apparently without incident, before being charged with burglary—their third arrest this year—on Aug. 7 in Vermont.”


The Flash is currently scheduled to be released in June 2023. Emphasis on the “currently.”

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