The Inside of a Beatboxer's Throat is a Disgusting Display of Anatomical Gymnastics

GIF source: Tom Thum

Let’s take an educational trip down the throat of a beatboxer and get a far too detailed look at the complex anatomical system that enables us to make strange noises.


Beatboxing YouTuber Tom Thum was curious if his natural ability to create complex and unique sounds might have something to do with some sort of physical abnormality. He visited an endocrinologist named Dr. Matthew Broadhurst in order to get two different examinations done using cameras inserted into his nose and mouth. Nothing notable about the beatboxer’s anatomy was found, but we do get some really gross imagery of what’s going on in the larynx of a beatboxer. In short, mesmerizing muscle contortions and gurgling floods of saliva.

You can see for yourself in the video below. There’s a grating intro that can be skipped by going to 1:10, and the good stuff starts around 3:47.

[Tom Thum via Boing Boing]

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