The iPod nano Mock-Up (UPDATED again: Yes, It Is Real)

Illustration for article titled The iPod nano Mock-Up (UPDATED again: Yes, It Is Real)

Click to view[UPDATE 10:30PM EST: Apple asked us to take down the spy shots because they are their intellectual property. So yes, it's real, even while we don't know if the design is final or just an old prototype. However, we are keeping this. It's exactly like the spy shots but it's our own rendering, done from scratch in Photoshop.] You already saw the allegedly—and obligatorily blurry— spy shots of the new jeans-pocket-sized iPod nano. Now here's a crystal-clear picture of how it would look like if the pics are confirmed to be real. With all the Gizmodo crew hoping that they are not, we wanted to know your opinion.


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Where's the "stop flooding us with unconfirmed rumors" option? Seriously, this rumor doesn't even make sense. If there was a widescreen iPod Nano coming, it would make more sense to make the screen longer and hold the Nano horizontally than to make the whole thing wider.