The Latest Black Widow Footage Asks, 'Who the Hell Is That Guy?'

Widow. Black Widow.
Widow. Black Widow.
Photo: Disney

And we do mean that literally.

Marvel Studios chose the occasion of the College Football National Championship game to debut a new, extended look at their latest film, Black Widow. Running around 90 seconds it’s longer than a TV spot, but not quite a trailer. In that time though, there’s a good blend of new footage, including plenty of action, along with some stuff from the first trailer.


Then, after lots of slow-motion stunning, running and fighting featuring Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh (both Oscar nominees this year!), David Harbor and Rachel Weisz, a showdown with a mysterious man poses the question in our headline. Who the hell is that guy? Check it out below.

Of course, we know “that guy” is the Taskmaster. Who is playing him (or her) and how that person fits into the past of Black Widow, her family, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We’ll find out May 1, when Black Widow hits theaters.

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I watched the trailer twice and no one asked “Who is Hell that guy?”

Who in the hell is that guy, yes, but no who is hell that guy. I will however be saying that from now on.