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I was born in 1972. Yes, I'm old. But that means I lived the Golden Age of Lego in 1979, and got to play with the coolest sets in history. I wasn't as cute as the Lego Alice-in-wonderland girl, though.


Those were the times, when I spent hours playing with my two brothers—my sister came later, but she also became a Lego addict. In 1979 we got all the classic Lego Space sets, the greatest, bestest, mostest amazingest everest madest. The Mobile Tracking Station, the Rocket Launcher, the Space Command Center, the Space Cruiser, and the mightiest of them all: The Galaxy Explorer.


That's why I was blown away when I got an exclusive tour on the secret Lego Vault—located in a basement in the heart of the Billund, Denmark, company's headquarters—which contains every single Lego set ever produced:

That was just the video tour. You can read the whole story here. [Inside the Lego Secret Vault, Flickr Image via Brothers Brick]

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