The Life Cycle of a Tshirt

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We love our geeky shirts—the stranger, the better—and we often wear them obsessively. But even we know that at some point we just need to let go and watch nature—and the tshirt life cycle—take its course.

Click on the image for a closer look.

Of course, knowing that we need to let go doesn't mean that we won't shed some tears when a beloved shirt winds up in the "duster" branch of this handy-dandy chart. [Nick Foster via Jason Kotke via Laughing Squid]


Whoops! Looks like we showed you this chart already. Sorry about the awkward deja vu.

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I used to take my favorite tshirts and cut out a square around the design, roll it up tight and put it in my sock drawer. I just couldn't stand to throw them away. Most were concert tahirts. Most of them eventually got lost from moving a few times but I recently found my old Exploited tshirt I got at a show in '91 in a box with some old computer parts.

Sadly, I went ahead and threw it away.