The belt buckle can trace its roots back thousands of years, and the design and functionality of the average buckle hasn't changed for centuries. But it's the year 2013 now, and in addition to intelligent watches and robot maids, we deserve a smarter way to keep our pants up. And thanks to the mysterious miracles known as magnets, now we have it.

Instead of buckles and holes, these Magnetic Belts feature a set of ten super-strong magnets—five embedded on each end—that securely hold the belt in place. And assuming the magnets are strong enough to stay together when you sit down, but not strong enough to power a supercollider and never come apart, this approach could—in theory—shave at least a second or two off of your morning dressing routine. Fifty bucks for two more seconds of sleep? You better believe that's worth it. [ThinkGeek]


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