The Next Hunger Games? Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking scores a movie deal

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With the Hunger Games premiere date just around the corner, Lionsgate is already searching for the next big teen blockbuster. And they've chosen Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy. But will this dystopian society rival the blood splattered world of Katniss and friends?


THR is reporting that Lionsgate has snapped up the rights to Chaos Walking and is working with Doug Davidson, of How To Train Your Dragon fame, to produce the film.

The books, are just as dark as the Hunger Games, and here's what they're about:

The trilogy is set in a dystopian future against a backdrop where humans are colonizing a distant Earth-like planet. When a phenomenon called the Noise allows everyone's thoughts to be heard, wiping away all privacy, the corrupt mayor of the colony makes a play to seize power and wipe out the indigenous alien race, with only a young man being the only one to stop him.

No word yet on hopeful directors or potential cast, but we'll keep our eye out for any future developments. Fingers crossed, everyone.



I read the first book. I really disliked it, actually. Maybe a strong editorial hand could cut out a lot of the problems— like, that the same "ooga booga! Bad guy jumps out at you even though you thought he was dead!" climax that happens three times in the book could be...uh, done away with. & the creepy genderpolitik of it could be...wait, no, I guess there is no fixing that, since that is basically the plot of the book. Men are active, women are passive! Yep. Yep.