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The One I Love Is So Much Weirder Than You'd Expect

Illustration for article titled iThe One I Love /iIs So Much Weirder Than Youd Expect

Ignore the creepy eyes of Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss staring at you from the poster, and The One I Love will seem, from its first few minutes, to be a typical talky movie about a squabbling couple. But no, oh no. It's much weirder (and better) than that.


I hesitate to reveal too much—if you're sensitive to spoilers, stop reading and go to Netflix now—but The One I Love ends up with a bizarre, sci-fi twist. Namely, Ethan and Sophie go on a couples retreat on the advice of their therapist only to encounter exact lookalikes who are slightly more perfect versions of the real couple. Doppelgänger Ethan doesn't wear those dorky glasses, doppelgänger Sophie cooks breakfast without prompting, etc etc.

The One I Love explores the characters' shifting confusion and terror and even delight at the doppelgängers because, well, who hasn't dreamed up an improved version of his or her romantic partner? In case it isn't already obvious, do not watch this movie on a date.


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"In case it isn't already obvious, do not watch this movie on a date."

Not true, did this very thing and it sparked a few great conversation ideas. Highly encouraged unless you're on rocky terms with your significant other, then obviously this might not be the best "get back together" movie for a couple.