The Rentable Folding Sauna: BYO Awkward Eye Contact

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What I hate about camping, or going anywhere that doesn't have a roof? The lack of immediate access to an easily portable six-person sauna. You know, one with a wood-burning fire, a bench, a changing room, maybe a shower. The essentials, I mean.

Which is why the Folding Sauna by Studio Elmo Vermijs gets me all sweaty already: it's got all the comforts of (some very fancy person's) home in a package that fits in your car. It costs $215 a day to rent it, or $365 per week—the latter of which seems like a disproportionate bargain and quite probably less than your mortgage.

The Folding Sauna seems primarily available in Europe, but hopefully some enterprising sauna enthusiast stateside is writing up a franchise proposal as we speak. In the meantime, I'll work on angling my towel fold juuuusssssst right. [Rent-a-Project via The PopUp City via Born Rich]

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When me and my ghosties pick up our portable spa we are totally going to set up shop in the middle of a city just like the apparitions in this photo did. Add a disco ball and a licorice dispenser and the hallelujah chorus should begin playing for your snow bathing pleasure.