The Science You Need to Lucid Dream

If you've always wanted to lucid dream but never yet managed it, don't fear: here are some scientific tricks you can use to help train your brain and body. You'll be controlling your dreams in no time.


There are different levels of influence, of course: some subtle, others much more complex. And a little scary. But either way, believe me, having achieved it in the past, you should definitely give it a go. [ASAP Science]



A word of warning to those thinking of trying lucid dreaming. I have attempted several times to achieve a lucid dream and never had great results but my roomate was able to achieve a couple months of lucid dreams back in 2006-2007.

The reason I warn people to research more about this before they blindly attempt it is that if you talk to anyone who has maintained lucid dreaming for an amount of time you will usually here of a story of the night it "all went wrong".

The brain is setup in a way that it attempts to protects you from the subconscious mind. When you lucid dream you are bridging the gap to the unconscious and seeing its mystery. However, there is an understanding between most lucid dreamers that one day there will be a day when your body rejects you out of your subconscious. This sounds crazy I know, but stick with me.

In my roomates case what happened way that he was in a lucid dream and a gas bubble shifted in his stomach. This caused his brain to realize that he was actually awake (do to his perception of the event) and it booted him out of his lucid dream. While this doesn't sound too bad what he described to me was much worse. He said that it was a sense of crippling anxiety and loss. He described it as what he would think of hell. He told me that it seemed to last several hours even though in reality it was probably only 30 seconds.

With that said the thing that really bothers me about lucid dreaming is what has happened to him in the years since. He has never again had what we would call a "good" dream. All of his dreams are somewhere between uncomfortable to night terrors. He commonly wakes up screaming because he was seeing a person in his life that he loves dying and could do nothing to help. This is a nightly event. It somehow changed the way he dreams and he now has to take medication to suppress his dreams.

While I would encourage someone to make their own decision on if they want to lucid dream or not... I would hope they would take this warning.