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The Ultimate Anti-Bullying PSA: Kid Fights Back With Devastating Body Slam

Casey's had enough. The bigger kid on the right "has been bullied his whole school life," says the video description, "and this is what happens when he snaps!!" Hence the jackknife powerbomb. [Deadspin: The Ultimate Anti-Bullying PSA: Kid Fights Back With Devastating Body Slam]


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I noticed after Casey put the body slam on this kid that another kid was there, the taller one and probably a friend of the body slammed one telling Casey "you want to f&*k with me". These bullies are disgusting and this behavior should be treated as criminal. They shouldn't be suspended, they should be expelled.

I would guess that Casey has a disability if I were to guess and he has suffered from this all his life. The disabled population suffers from the most abuse of any population. A recent government study indicated that only 25% of general education students suffer any type of bullying in their school years where as disabled students are at a 75% chance of suffering from bullies.

The smaller kid has probably seen other smaller kids bully Casey in the past and saw how he reacted. How else to explain the bravado of this tiny little boy?

Another factor here to consider is that Casey has probably been taught to be passive his entire life by adults, especially if he is a student with a disability.

I say that all the students involved should be expelled. Casey should be suspended but the others should be expelled.

Many of our school systems turn a blind eye to bullying and make it unsafe to report it. The school failed Casey and these parents kids failed their children.