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The Witcher's Second Season Could Take Us to an Iconic Location From the Books

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Geralt could roam through some very familiar halls next season.
Geralt could roam through some very familiar halls next season.
Image: Netflix

Sigourney Weaver takes a dive for the Avatar sequels. Geoff Johns teases Stargirl’s second season. Thor: Love & Thunder will utilize the groundbreaking stage tech from The Mandalorian. Plus, what’s up on Lovecraft Country, and a sneak peek at Lucifer going musical. Spoilers away!

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Don’t Worry Darling

Due to scheduling conflicts, Harry Styles will replace Shia LaBeouf In Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling, a mysterious “psychological thriller about a 1950s housewife whose reality begins to crack” amidst “an isolated, utopian community in the 1950's California desert.” [/Film]


The Knocking

According to Variety, Summer of ’84 directors Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith have already wrapped filming on The Knocking, a new horror film in which a young man “finds himself next in line for a nightmarish curse” when he begins dating a new girlfriend. The Knocking stars Shiloh Fernandez, Doug Jones, Alexis Knapp, Ser’Darius Blain, Shakira Barrera, Zelda Williams, Chris Backus and Christine Ko.

Stray Dogs

THR reports Gary Dauberman will produce a film adaptation of the yet-to-be-released Image Comics series, Stray Dogs, for Paramount Animation. Created by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner, the story is described as “Silence of the Lambs meets Lady and the Tramp.”



Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor has moved up on week and will now open “only in theaters” October 2. [Bloody-Disgusting]


Thor: Love and Thunder

According to /Film, Industrial Light & Magic is building a large-scale custom volume—the same used on The Mandalorian— at Fox Studios in Australia for Thor: Love and Thunder.

By every measure, the new stages are vast improvements over the original ground-breaking LED volume developed for the first season of The Mandalorian in 2018. Physically, the new stages are larger, utilizing substantially more LED panels than ILM’s original stage and also offering both higher resolution and smooth wall to ceiling transitions – this directly results in better lighting on set as well as many more in-camera finals. ILM’s proprietary solutions for achieving groundbreaking fidelity on the LED walls at scale allows for higher color fidelity, higher scene complexity, and greater control and reliability.


Avatar 2-5

New set photos reveal Sigourney Weaver will perform her own underwater stunts in Avatar 2-5.


Saint Maud

The very latest Saint Maud trailer now suggests it will receive an October 9 theatrical release.


A prehistoric monster emerges from the La Brea Tar Pits in the trailer for Tar, coming to VOD October 20.

Anonymous Animals

Hybrid creatures hunt humans like animals in the trailer for Anonymous Animals, an upcoming French horror movie from Baptiste Rouveure.

The Witcher

According to a new report from Redanian Intelligence, The Witcher is “currently filming a sizeable action scene that takes place in Kaer Morhen, home of the Witchers from the School of the Wolf. The scene we heard of involves Geralt, Ciri, Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel, Coën as well as several original witchers such as Hemrik played by Joel Adrian.”



During the Stargirl panel at DC Fandome, Geoff Johns revealed season two will “definitely be playing with things like [Johnny Thunder’s] pink pen.” Johns additionally revealed “there’s a cool story idea for Grundy coming up” and “we will definitely be talking about [Dr. Mid-Nite’s owl] Hootie at some point.”


[Comic Book]

The Flash

During DC Fandome’s Flash panel, Carlos Valdes suggested Cisco is “haunted” by his decision to give us his superpowers.

I don’t think he regrets the decision, but I think it definitely haunts him. Like, I’m actually feeling a lot like Cisco these days, because, like, we’ll have a fan we’ll see on the street or whatever be like ‘yo, Vibe!’ I have to imagine Cisco’s probably ‘I know, okay.’ But you know, it was such a big decision for him. I feel like the ripple effect, you know, repercussions for that in terms of Cisco’s sense of identity, we’re still seeing those waves. We’re continuing to see those waves in Season 7 so I’m just riding the wave.


[Comic Book]


Meanwhile, Titans showrunner Greg Walker promised the third season of Titans will be more “optimistic” than the first two.

This is how this season is going to be different, I think in a lot of ways. It ultimately ends with them figuring out a way as a team. It ends optimistically. I that the world that we live in right now. Especially the way the Titans can be, we kind of beat ourselves up for our past sins. It’s nice to be liberated. We have a character named Dove who is going to point in the direction we’re going to go. It takes them a long time to follow her advice. Ultimately finding a way to get off the hamster wheel. To stop doing things the way we’ve always done them and find a new way. That, they have to figure out how to do collectively.


[Comic Book]


During the Batwoman panel at DC Fandome, Rachel Skarsten opined Alice will be “peeved” when Kate Kane “mysteriously disappears” at the beginning of season two, only to be replaced by the incoming Batwoman, Ryan Wilder.

I think Alice is just going to be, like, peeved. Here she has this beautifully intricate plan for the demise of her sister! And that will have been foiled. But she is also going to have a lot to be worried about.


[TV Line]

Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country takes on the Korean War in the trailer for next week’s episode.


Finally, the cast of Lucifer performs “Another One Bites the Dust” at a murder scene in a clip from the upcoming musical episode.

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