There Is a Secret Panorama Mode Hidden In the iPhone's Camera

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The iPhone camera has a secret Easter Egg: a panorama mode. This special mode—which Apple has not enabled for consumers yet—will allow you to capture large panoramic scene using multiple photos. This is how you can enable it:

1. First, you should access the in the iPhone (you need to have developer access to do this). The exact location of that plist is:


2. Then, add the line value of EnableFirebreak=Yes.

3. Done. A Panorama button will now appear when you click on Options, displaying a special interface to capture photos in succession, matching them to create the panoramic photo.


Why didn't Apple enable this mode for consumers? Perhaps because it feels a bit cumbersome for now. I'm sure that, if they wanted to enable a panorama capture mode, they would do it in a more elegant, simpler way. After all, there are applications in the App Store that already perform this kind of function in a much elegant way.

Update: Talking to Conrad Kramer, the person who discovered the secret mode, he told us there will be a program to enable this in jailbroken iPhones without any text editing:

A tweak will be out on Cydia tomorrow to enable it, iPhone 4 and newer, due to the inclusion of a gyroscope in the iPhone 4..

This works for iOS 5 only. [Twitter]

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There's a photo stitching app by Microsoft(?) on the App Store called Photosynth.

You can take panoramic shots easily and view it beautifully on the app itself.

But saving it on to the camera roll makes the picture a terrible .jpg...

Lets hope that this panorama mode is featured in an iOS5 update soon!